Weather Forecast API for Construction & Building Management

Incorporate Frogcast's weather intelligence into your construction or building management applications to facilitate more informed critical decisions, thanks to high-precision, site-specific forecasts.

Frogcast enhances weather-dependent building construction and monitoring activities

Provide building professionals with fresh data intelligence to enable them to mitigate weather-related impacts and uncertainty. High-quality weather forecasts result in enhanced anticipation!

This is crucial for site safety and the well-being of individuals during severe weather conditions, as well as for reducing energy consumption through automated building systems.

Frogcast’s API helps application developers integrate easily the most advanced weather forecast data for optimized building construction and monitoring.

Frogcast weather API

Access to probabilistic weather forecasts

Implement effective building risk management strategies grounded in uncertainty.

Site-level resolution 

Our 90m topographic resolution enables to refine weather monitoring capabilities.

Global coverage 

Monitor multiple building sites anywhere in the world.

Weather parameters choice 

Relevant data for construction sites and buildings, including wind, temperature, rainfall.

Helps compliance 

With stricter local regulations for safety and carbon footprint reduction in the building sector.

Better anticipate dangerous weather on construction sites 

Ensuring site safety stands as the paramount consideration in construction projects. People working on construction sites face significant health risks when exposed to adverse weather conditions, such as snow, heavy rainfall, or extreme temperatures. High-precision on-site weather forecasts play a pivotal role in ensuring safety and effectively managing the consequences for project deadlines and cost management.

Frogcast's weather forecasts always come with their confidence levels (distribution spread), which aids in accurately assessing the actual risk. For example, monitoring wind risk is crucial on construction sites with elevation, and it makes sense to track not only wind gust forecasts but also the probability it exceeds specific thresholds.

Wind confidence intervals for construction

Enhance the safety of your critical industrial sites

The safety of data centers, power plants, or chemical factories is intricately linked to weather conditions. For instance, high temperatures can disrupt cooling systems in data centers, necessitating proactive measures to mitigate significant risks such as fires.

Frogcast empowers the improvement of warning systems for these highly-sensitive sites through an extensive array of weather forecast data and associated uncertainty.

By integrating our API, you can tailor new alerts by combining various weather parameters and quantiles, and continually optimize them over time.

Wind alerting for construction

Building Automation and Control System integration

Building Automation and Control Systems become mandatory for tertiary buildings (BACS regulation in the EU), as optimal control of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is crucial for efficient energy utilization and a reduced carbon footprint.

Incorporating accurate weather forecast, like rainfall amounts, wind speed, humidity and temperature, brings further optimization of energy consumption and control of the building's environment.

Frogcast's data serves as virtual sensors for buildings, offering seamless integration via API into your building management application while remaining adaptable over time. This integration reduces the reliance on external sensors and the associated maintenance costs.

Integration of weather forecasts into building automation and control systems

Integrate Frogcast API for Construction & Building Management

The Frogcast API provides the weather data you need for construction sites and building monitoring applications.


Wind speed
Wind direction
Wind gust


Precipitation rate Precipitation accumulation 


Solar radiation
2m temperature
Apparent temperature Humidity

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