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Agriculture, Transport, Energy, Oceanography, ... All of these sectors are influenced by weather and climate conditions. Access to accurate weather forecasts and observations is one way to adapt to climate change without high investment costs.

Frogcast is a weather intelligence platform dedicated to weather-dependent applications.

We select and retrieve a large amount of heterogeneous data available worldwide (weather models outputs, satellite images and in-situ atmospheric measurements). We provide the “best-in-class” forecast according to the use-case using fusion of data and models, data assimilation into in-house high resolution weather models, physical modeling and artificial intelligence.
We collaborate to define, develop and provide tailored indicators to meet decision-making needs.

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About Us 

Where does Frogcast come from?

Frogcast is the weather platform developed by Steadysun. Since 2013, Steadysun has delivered solar energy forecasts for photovoltaic and concentrated solar power plants. Steadysun is renowned in the Energy industry for the performance of its forecasts, based on Numerical Weather Prediction models and real-time observation data (satellite imagery, on-site sky imagers, in-situ meteorological and energy measurements). In 2021, we decided to open our core platform to other applications.

We called it Frogcast

Our mission

Frogcast is owned by Steadysun SAS, a French company based in Savoie, spin-off from CEA, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. Climate change mitigation and adaptation is part of our DNA. Since 2013, we have been delivering solutions to the renewable energy sector. Our vision is to gradually help all weather-dependent business sectors with innovating best-in-class solutions using all the knowledge we’ve acquired since now.

We believe in weather intelligence 

Our people

We are all driven by the same concern regarding global environmental challenges. We are engineers, PhDs in physics, meteorology, artificial intelligence, remote sensing, image processing, data science and IoT. Steadysun and Frogcast are managed by company founder Caroline Deforeit. Research and Innovation team is led by Guillaume Tremoy. Operations team is handled by Valéry Tarondeau. Sales and marketing team is led by Caroline Deforeit. 

We’re convinced that a greener future is possible 

Does your business rely on weather conditions? 

We’ll be happy to help you find a profitable solution. Used to collaborate with academics, industries and software engineers, Frogcast team can help you to create a specialized application for your business.

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